Parallel fluted hand taps are the most commonly used type of wire insert tap. The term 'hand tap' was originally applied to this type as they were only suitable for hand tapping.


However, modern GRIPCOIL hand taps, due to much improved manufacturing techniques, are also suitable for machine tapping.


They provide close tolerance tapped holes in a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Available in three different styles they can be used individually or in combinations dependant upon application.

Roughing Tap: Undersize in diameter, they provide a pre-prepared tapped hole prior to finish or bottom tapping ensuring greater life of second tap. They are particularly useful for course pitch threads or for tough materials.
Finishing Tap: Provides full diameter thread and has 3.5 taper leads-finishing taps are the most commonly used tap and are generally used in a single operation.
Bottoming Tap: Provides full diameter thread to the bottom of blind holes since the tap has only 1.5 lead threads. Bottoming tap is usually used in conjunction with roughing tap.