• Fitted Threads are dimensionally accurate to extremely high – limits.
  • Fitted Threads are of high – tensile Stainless Steel.
  • These Threads have hardness of 43-48 Rockwell C.
  • Flank - surface has high micro-finish.

  • Withstands Greater Loading for applied Torque then ordinary Nuts.
  • One or more flexible-polygonal coil extends corrective action for canceling out pitch of angle defects.
  • Retains the same Torque after repeated "Assembly & Disassembly"

Are preassembled with Stainless-Steel "MID-GRIPP" or "LOCK-TYPE" Insert to import guaranteed specific position and "DOSE NOT-UNWIND" due to impact and vibrations. Unlike "NYLOCK-NUTS" can be repeatedly "ASSEMBELD & DISASSEMBLED" while retaining the "ORIGANL-TORQUE".


The "GRIPP" Locking Coil in Insert exerts resilient locking pressure on the flanks of the screw. Action of "LOCKING" or "GRIPP" - Coil is achieved by one or more coils having a series of straight segments of chords. When the bolt enters the "GRIPP" - Coil, these chords of segments flex outward creating pressure on the bolt.