GRIPCOIL Extracting Tools are simple and easy to use. They offer the most effective method of removing incorrectly fitted inserts.

By maintaining downwards pressure on extracting tool whilst turning anti-clockwise, an insert can be simply unwound from the tapped hole. It is most often necessary to strike the top of extractor tool to ensure blade/faces bite into the top coil of insert - or simply cut a small notch into top coil using a Swiss file to engage extractor blade.

Should inserts need to be removed, the use of the GRIPCOIL extracting tools is recommended. Extraction Tools are simple and easy to use. As correct positioning will make the extraction easier, the tool should be turned 90 degree from the start of the coil allowing easy winding out of the insert. If the exatraction tool is not gripping the insert, the edges can be resharpened.

Should the extracting tool not grip the insert, file a small notch in the insert for the tool to bite into.